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Only 3 Simple Steps
Step 1 - Take 1 Advantage Sachet and mix well with about 8 oz. of cold water and drink immediately. Advantage has 12 active ingredients (not just collagen), but NAD and NMN, all combined to decrease your biological age.
Step 2 - Take Assist 15-30 minutes before your heaviest or most carb dense meal of the day. Assist is an all-natural supplement designed to be taken before heavy meals to help manage blood glucose levels and prevent spiking. Think nice curves and not looking at an EKG. The spikes are bad and what ages our body more quickly. This supplements mutes the spikes and keeps carbs from turning into sugars.
Step 3 - Use the Blend (which is designed to help fat cells from maturing) multiple times throughout the day, especially when you are feeling hungry. The blend can be used 4 different ways: -Gum - chew when hungry -Oil - add to water or rub on troubled areas -Beadlet - great for on the go (1/4 of a drop of oil) - pop 2-3 at a time -Softgel - 2 drops of oil taken multiple times a day. This is my favorite way as it is easy to pop 1-2 in my mouth a few times a day.
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