PWR Apricot Drops 🍬
APL has made a breakthrough in caring for the intimate health of men and women: the PWR man and PWR woman pills are a unique duet of products "for her" and "for him", helping to improve the condition of the genitourinary and reproductive systems, as well as to maintain activity and spontaneity for a long time intimate life. Ingredients: Apricot Ginger Damiana Leaf Asparagus And more! The female body is a wonderful fragile system that requires constant attention and careful care. However, modern women are less and less likely to find the time and opportunity to listen to their bodies - they have to bear so many responsibilities that sometimes they completely forget that beauty begins from the inside. Meanwhile, the notorious hormonal imbalance caused by stress and poor ecology can lead to catastrophic consequences: from gaining excess weight to decreasing libido - and even infertility. Increasingly, the lives of modern women are complicated by various infections, inflammations and neoplasms, making them worry about intimate health. The accumulated PWR woman dragees help to restore and maintain a beautiful look of blooming youth, solving three major problems of women's intimate health: 🪷 Hormonal imbalance and psycho-emotional stress. The complex of vitamins and microelements that make up PWR woman helps to normalize hormonal levels, relieve psychological stress, and also has a tonic and tonic effect. 🪷 Disorders of the intimate sphere. The plant extracts on which the PWR woman formula is based help to maintain sexual activity, increase libido (sex drive) and help women achieve multi-orgasm during intimacy. 🪷 Changes in the female body during menopause. The components of PWR woman soften the effects of hormonal imbalance, improve the nutrition of the tissues of the female body and normalize the energy balance, as well as slow down the development of hormone-dependent processes: osteoporosis, tumors, etc. $25 Wholesale / $50 Retail / qty 30 per pk
What makes these drops different? The Acumullit SA technology allows the beneficial properties of the whole food botanical ingredients be preserved and enhanced. A state-of-the-art extraction process triggers the activation of the botanical compounds, so that nano-particles of the active compounds can be isolated without other substances in the plant. This causes a thinning of the cellular membranes of the fruits, herbs and seeds, and a release of the botanical components like micro and macro elements, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids and organic acids, making them more bioavailable. The isolated particles are forming negatively charged nano elements, creating an activated mix of highly absorbable nutrients. The activated mix of preserved and enhanced whole food plant extracts is then added to a caramel mass from which the lozenge drops are made.
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