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Hi! It’s Robyn & Keith😃 We both love functional foods because they are a simple way to make amazing nutrition be an every day reality. We all know how important eating our produce is but let’s face it, even on a good day, we’re just not getting enough. So we can bridge the gap with real live functional plant foods in an easy to take cap or chew! Juice Plus+ is the 30 year global leader in whole plant functional foods and we are proud to offer simple solutions to help you add incredible nutriton from 45 different whole food plants into your body every day! …over 43 clinical studies prove that Juice Plus makes a real difference. …And with an adult order any child between the ages of 4 and 25 can receive complimentary Juice Plus Fruit & Vegetable caps or chews (just pay the shipping) right up to their 26th birthday! Wow! 😃🙏🏻 This short video (2 min) will share what you need to know
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We LOVE functional foods because, in addition to doing our best to eat a healthy diet, they are a simple, easy, affordable way to bridge our nutritional gap - from real food - not from a supplement!!! WHY ROBYN LOVES JUICE PLUS: Due to a history of gastrointestinal, immune, respiratory and hormonal challenges, I have spent my life, since age 10, investigating natural, safe solutions for my health. I had lived with chronic pain, low mood, bleeding gums, learning and focus issues, low immune function and really bad pms, for years. My chronic poor health was making it impossible to live my life beyond daily "survival mode". In 2013, I was given research papers to review on functional foods in a capsule. I was skeptical, and having spent tens of thousands of dollars on supplements in my life, basically ran from the information. But, I found out that functional foods were not supplements, and the research was so compelling on bio-availability and reduction of systemic inflammation, that I decided to try it. I had nothing to lose. Over the first year, I found that my entire health profile improved in a significant way. I got off my asthma inhaler, I was able to eat a wide range of vegetables, instead of the very limited diet I had needed to stay on to be confortable, my gums healed, I was impressed. After struggling with a low mood most of my life, I began to feel more optomistic and people started to notice this. I became a raving fan. My family and I have been enjoying the benefits ever since and I am happy to share this opportunity with you today. 🤝 WHY KEITH LOVES JUICE PLUS: In 2014, I met Keith. A scientist and critical thunker, as an avid cyclist and runner, he was noticing that with age, his weight baseline was increasing year round. Despite the exercise and his reasonable nutrition, he couldn't seem to lose that winter weight gain in the summer, like he used to, and his doctor was noticing, He decided to bridge his nutritional gap with functional foods and has had stable weight ever since. Not only that, in his 60's, his cycling times have improved beyond what they were in his 30s. That's a great story.
Fueling The Next Generations
Would you like to get more fruits and veggies into the children in your family? With the Healthy Starts For Families you can have the power of Juice Plus+ capsules or chewies streaming through their bodies for free with an adult capsule order! Over 2 million children have participated...we are changing the DNA of future generations because that starts when they are young.
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For a deeper dive, hear from 8 medical professionals and why they recommend this one simple change for everyone who wants take control of their health. (11 min)
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Omegas - full spectrum blend - by Dr Mitra Ray PhD.
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