Bridge the Gap (short)
Thank you so much for taking a look at Juice Plus+ Essentials
It is essential because it's JUST PLANTS and even the best eaters don't get enough. Have you ever heard the term Functional Food? It is food on purpose and unlike traditional supplements, your body knows EXACTLY what to do with it! Better health & performance has been as simple as adding this daily habit for our family. I am so grateful we made the decision to get started. Please let me know what stands out to you so we can discuss what option is best.
Jumpstart to Better Health
I Recommend
The Juice Plus Essentials which is a blend of fruits, vegetables & berry powders & the powerful Omega oils. Did you know the best source of Omegas does NOT come from fish? No more fishy aftertaste. πŸ˜‰ If you are interested in the FREE product for a child, please click that link below.
FUEL. ENERGY. WILLPOWER. 20 Plants. Nutrient Dense. Simple. Delicious. On-the-Go.
We also love the 100% plant based Complete. It is quick, easy & provides us many options. Sometimes I want a shake & sometimes I make healthy pancakes or muffins & even cookie dough with it. Each bag comes with 15 servings of chocolate or vanilla. It is also available in 15 individual serving packets if you need it on the go.
Now You Can Grow From Anywhere
An aeroponic growing system called the Tower Garden (grows indoors or outdoors with no soil, weeds, or snakes!!!)
What is Tower Garden?
Are you ready to get started, or want more information? Happy to help! Text me πŸ€— Jackie Cain (813) 777-3812