Grow your own food with a Tower Garden
Tower Gardens are the easiest way to grow fruits and vegetables in our kitchens! There's no weeding and this vertical garden actually waters itself! πŸ˜‚ (which is why I have been growing for over 10 years with mine!) These two short videos show the power and possibilities to grow both indoor and outdoor, year round, at a fraction of the expense and time of a tradition garden.
What is Tower Garden?
Tower Garden Montage
Get paid to grow your own Tower Garden
In the month of September, you can become an affiliate for the Tower Garden Company at no cost to you. Share your tower on social media, send those interested a link like this, and when they order, the company sends you an affiliate check. It’s the perfect way to get paid to grow your own food and inspire healthy living!
Indoor Tower Garden Pictures
Outdoor Tower Garden Pictures
What do you want to grow?
Buy seedlings or plant your own
Ready to get started or want more info?
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