The Gut Repair Course
Gut Repair is a course for beginners new to foundational wellness who want to reduce specific symptoms listed below or for those who just need a bit of upkeep after a vacation, food borne illness, a virus, antibiotic use, or other imbalance. You will be required to purchase five therapeutic nutrients from Danielle’s store and be consistent in taking these nutrients to see a change in your gut health. (See link below for the nutrients.) This course and group of therapeutic nutrients can help to improve your symptoms of: πŸ“Œ bloating/gas/belching/indigestion πŸ“Œ diarrhea/ constipation πŸ“Œ skin issues/acne/rashes πŸ“Œ allergies πŸ“Œ chronic inflammation/chronic fatigue πŸ“Œ anxiety/depression πŸ“Œ poor brain processing/brain fog πŸ“Œ hard/dry stools/alternating IBD/IBC πŸ“Œ lower abdominal pain relived by passing stool or gas πŸ“Œ use of antibiotics in the last year πŸ“Œ fingernail or toe fungus πŸ“Œ history of bladder or kidney infections πŸ“Œ mucous in stool, suspect nutrient malabsorption, diverticulosis/diverticulitis πŸ“Œ stomach cramps πŸ“Œ fiber not helping constipation πŸ“Œ bad breath πŸ“Œ feel full while eating πŸ“Œ temporary relief with antacids, etc.
Cost of the Course: $49.99 Access to the course forever including any udpates.